12 Gifts of Christmas [Day 1]

The Gift of Christ

Yes, I know. It’s not Christmas day yet, however, He is the first and most important gift of Christmas. In fact, He is the reason we can even celebrate Christmas at all. These days, we’ve managed to take a way the “Christ” in Christmas, converted it to X-mas and even just Happy Holidays. However I would like to draw our attention back to the main reason why we have this beautiful holiday to spend time with our friends and family.

Christ came to this world to die for our sins, He gave His life so we can have ours. We didn’t know Him, but He knew us and loved us. He saved us from our sins and gave us the opportunity to live our lives to the fullest, so now we have the opportunity to do the same for others by giving this amazing gift we freely got to all the people in our lives. I’m especially grateful to God for HIs gift to mankind because I know that without Him in my life, I wouldn’t be where I am today. He has helped me through the darkest and lowest points in my life, those points where no-one could reach to get me out and when loved ones were too far, He could find me. To me, that’s one of the most amazing gifts a person can ever receive, the only gift that keeps on giving.

To the non-believers out there, reading this, I hope you duly consider receiving this amazing gift that is freely given and cost

So, as you spread the love and cheer and amidst the food, gifts and joy of the holidays, let us not fail to forget the single most important reason for the celebration, CHRIST.



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