12 Gifts of Christmas [Day 3]

Gift of Truth

Truth. That’s one hard swallow. The truth is always bitter, Well, not always, only the one we need to hear usually is. Why is it so hard to say the truth? The most popular answer would be because we try to protect others’ feelings. However, some people need to hear the truth. The truth about their choices, the things they’ve done and in some really difficult cases, how you really feel about them, as I personally think that emotional deceit is one of the worst kinds of deceit.

Never mistake telling the truth for being mean or insensitive. More often than not, such attitude is greeted with hostility and aggression. There’s always a better way to say the truth while considering the feelings the listener. Telling the truth is one aspect, accepting it and its reality is even harder.  If someone goes out of their way to speak up in a difficult situation, it’s always best to realize their effort and not quickly activate our defense systems, as most times when the people who love us tell us the truth, they do so only for our good. That way, we grow from the people we are to the people we want to be.

It is worthy of mention to never accept everything spoken as truth, taking every word with a filter small enough to take out the destructive criticisms disguised as truth but large enough to let wisdom through.

In era with a lot of “fake” people, the world could do with a little honesty, whether in words, personality or even to ourselves. Take a look in  retrospect, you’ll see a little truth more often could go a long way.


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