12 Days of Christmas [Day 4]

Gift of Prayer

What better way to say to show you care about someone than to pray on their behalf.  Some form of prayer is practiced in every religion, in every country in every language and it is a beautiful thing to be able to hand things over to a Higher Power who looks out for you. Being a Christian, prayer is the one thing that can keep you through, especially when you need to just talk without worrying about opinions or judgement.

I cannot even begin to explain the importance of prayer. It’s a gift we should give to ourselves and anyone we love everyday. It’s an opportunity for communication just like we do with our friends everyday. The beauty of prayer is how there’s no special protocol and all you need is your voice, the words you know and whatever is on your mind. If you don’t have a voice your heart is more than enough.

What we need often goes beyond human abilities. sometimes the answers are not written in black and white and the best we can do is pray. So today, stand in the gap for someone else and go on your knees. If you don’t believe in prayer, I recommend it. You should try it.

See you tomorrow for another gift!


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