12 Days of Christmas [Day 5]

Gift of Support

Five or fifty, we all have a support system. I didn’t know that was the word for it until recently but basically it’s your family, friends, colleagues or spouse, any network of people who provide practical and emotional support to you.

Support is extremely important to everyone and sometimes it just means being physically present in someone else’s life. Be that as it may, the most neglected form of support is trusting other people’s decisions especially for themselves. Teenagers tend to experience this problem a lot from their parents, though the parents are never entirely to blame.  Aside teenagers, spouses, friends or even your own teachers, mentors in school may find it difficult to offer any kind of support you may desperately need.

Try something new and give someone the benefit of the doubt. Your friend might be taking a big step in their life, maybe even for the new year, resolutions and all that. Instead of teasing their efforts to do something new or make a change, just show support, help out in any way you can. All it may take is askng about their welfare or progress. If someone is trying to make amends, don’t give them the cold shoulder, support their efforts.

As said by Elizabeth Lesser, ” Look for a way to lift someone up, and if that’s all you do, that’s enough.”


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