12 Days of Christmas [Day 7]

Gift of Food

This one may sound hilarious to you but it is more important than you think. It is a fundamental requirement to survive. We require food to function and that summarises it all. A popular saying goes “A hungry man is an angry man” and it’s not hard to see why. I’ve had the silliest arguments just because I was hungry. I can clearly remember one instance where I began to steam off because I was asked to empty the pot I was using to cook when I was done with it. I began to fume, saying that I cannot come cook in peace anymore as only my pot was now the desired one, meanwhile I was going to transfer to the food into a large container for freezing anyway. Looking back, I’m just glad I managed to control myself because as we all know, you make the best speech you’ll regret when you’re angry.

Another saying also goes ” The road to a man’s heart is through his stomach” which is even better (disclaimer: applies mainly to African men). Even if you can’t speak a man’s language, as long as you can give him food, you can get him to do almost anything you want. Having said all his hoping  I haven’t created a monster put of you, TOday being a public holiday, boxing day, it’ll be nice to get some food to those around you.

There might be leftovers from yesterdays Christmas party, those leftovers may be a feast to someone else, please don’t throw them away. YOu could give to the homeless guy across the street or even donate to a shelter near you. IF you can donate to a cause online, please do. With the crises all around, you could put a smile on a face with a bowl in your hand. Nothing is ever too little, a little goes a long way, as you do, you will receive bountifully.

Happy Holidays!


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