12 Days of Christmas [Day 8]

Gift of Patience

Like every gift ever, if it is never opened or never used , it’s as good as never being there. The common misconception is we lack patience, the truth however is we have the gift we never exercise it. See, it’s the same as saying you can’t look fit because you lack muscles when in fact you don’t exercise enough. The things we look for far away are right in front of us.

Others say, I’ve been praying for patience. Well, the only way you can tell you’ve received it is when in the face of a situation that demands patience. How often do you even try? Having said all this, have you also noticed that to ourselves we are most patient. If we’re too slow, finding things difficult to do or achieve, we make excuses why it’s not our fault and we’ve done our best. However, we demand internet speed performance from people, requiring change within minutes or even seconds.

Observe plants, there are annual, biannual and perennial plants, right? Did you notice their sizes and produce increase with longer growing season? We wait four years for a crop to mature, yet we do not allow others grow. It seems easier to wait for a crop because we’re sure of the result at the end, however, humans being less predictable and trustworthy, cause hesitation. If you must have people in your life, at some point they’ll have to grow. A mother gives birth and has to wait for months before the child can sit, crawl, walk or even talk. It doesn’t change as you get older, only the things to be learned do. Be patient, be kind and in time they’ll bloom like flowers in spring.



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