12 Days of Christmas [Day 10]

Gift of Happiness

You can’t give someone happiness as a gift wrapped up in a box with pretty pink bows and ribbons but you can make them feel happier than when you first met them. Happiness is something inside of you, it’s contentment, pleasure, satisfaction, merriment and the best part is, no matter what stage of life you are, you can find happiness.

It’s an emotion that comes and goes, it’s not permanent. This is where we come in. When someone you know feels sad, all you can do is make them smile again and make them remember what it felt like to be happy. It’s very easy to forget all the good things that have happened to you and all the times you felt happy once you feel sad that’s why we need people around us to remind us.

Your friends will be sad, you will be sad, but whenever there’s someone around you feeling blue, be there to remind them how many other colours there are to see.


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