12 Days of Christmas [Day 11]

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Gift of Time

Time is money. One of the shortest and truest statements made. As the jet age advances, time has become increasingly valuable. People pay hundreds of dollars for someone to spend 3s of their time posting a tweet, It’s indeed amazing how far we’ve come.

A lot of things fight for your time and the difficult task of balance is up to you to carry out but guess what we end up doing? We let those that are close to us suffer and “sacrifice” in order for us to do all we’re supposed to. Why is that? Mostly because we expect them to understand and bear with us, which is true and right within its limits. However, the case is usually a complete sacrifice without looking back, leaving them hurt and feeling unimportant.

Physical gifts can’t fill up certain vacuum and money can’t buy lost time. The worst thing that can happen to you, is spending the rest of your life making up for lost time instead of enjoying life and reaping the fruits of your labour. Spend time with someone you love today, not for them. People will forget what you did for them but they will never forget what you did for them.

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