25 Things to do before you turn 25

I know you think bucket lists are lame. This isn’t a bucket list. It’s merely a reminder of things that seem so trivial, you may not have time for or you’re just too busy for. It’s so you remember that life is more than just responsibilities. Here you go:

  1. Fall in love –  You get one shot at being young and silly before you grow up and become all mature.
  2. Go outside your comfort zone – You’re more reckless when you’re young, use whatever is left of your teenage rebellion to good use.
  3. Read a book – The phone screen is not good for your eyes anyway.
  4. Spend a day without any technology – You’ll appreciate the tons of notifications later.
  5. Go abroad – As soon as you have the money to.
  6. Go skinny dipping – At night please, the warm ocean feels awesome against bare skin.
  7. Road trip – With friends, is awesome. After now, you’ll be too busy.
  8. Kiss someone on Midnight’s Eve – Someone you’re allowed to, please.
  9. Sleep under the stars – Connect with nature.
  10. Have a meaningful conversation with a stranger – Be an unforgettable stranger
  11. Learn to play your favorite song on an instrument – Even if it’s just for show-off
  12. Learn a foreign language – It adds a certain je ne sais quoi
  13. Play in the rain – Connect with your inner child.
  14. Do something you love alone.
  15. Eat in a different language – You’ll have a good or bad story.
  16. Learn about yourself -Best investment in yourself.
  17. Do something you’re afraid of.
  18. Stop depending on your parents  for money – Before adulthood hits you like a truck.
  19. Attend a concert for an artist/band you love
  20. Start a journal and track your goals as you grow.
  21. Open a savings account and actually save.
  22. Wear an outfit you love that isn’t in style
  23. Turn off your social media for a period of time
  24. Chase your dreams.
  25. Change your look. Cut your hair, dye it.

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