Valentine’s Day Gifts/Date Ideas for Students

So Valentine’s Day is upon us, just second in line to those screaming red lines that is your account balance. If you attend an accelerated system like mine, you should be expecting exams this week or next week. Not exactly the best line up of things to juggle. I hear a lot of students complain about shopping for Valentine gifts and then I see a lot of online ideas for valentine gifts for him/her saying buy video games, iphones and cheap gifts like $300 bags. make up and perfumes. While all this sounds beautiful, unless you’ve been saving up since last Valentine, it’s a near impossibility for most students.

However, before you rush to buy chocolate and stuffed animals, here’s a couple easy ideas:

1. Cook Togetherfood-lunch-meal-tomatoes

Before you say a word, this is a good idea. Yes, I am Judge Judy and I say so. See you could just buy the ingredients for cake or pizza or some Chinese food you both found online that has a cute picture or try to recreate a dish you’ve both eaten before. This is why we have YouTube. You might end up burning down the house leaving you hungry for the night but at least you’ll have something to laugh about. If either of you has awesome culinary skills, you might end up with  meal to remember.

2.  Watch a Moviepopcorn-movie-party-entertainment

Cliche. Yes, it is. Except this time you could watch a movie in a different language, without subtitles. You’ll spend the entire time figuring out the plot. You could watch a cartoon ( Moana or Monster Cars). A good compromise is always Action Comedy Romance. It’s neither too serious nor too playful. Musicals are also a great idea. I hear La La Land is awesome.

3.  Cheesy Notes

Image via

Old school never fails. IF you want to eat, laugh and have a great evening in one shot, here’s an idea I found. Cute fruity notes.Here are some examples

  • You’re one in a MELON
  • My life would SUCK without you
  • You are the APPLE of my eyes
  • You are totally TEA-riffic
  • I think you are just WRITE
  • I am BANANAS for you.
  • We make a great PEAR

4. DIYs

via google

If you’re into this kind of crafty stuff, there are lots of ideas online like this card with 52 reasons why I love you. All you need is a deck of cards, glue, a book binder and lots of patience.



I know we’re all scared of shopping for each other. I personally think shopping for guys is too stressful. There’s a thin line between a cheesy gift and you going broke, however, for the girl, all you need to buy may be an over-sized T-shirt, girls love that, especially if it was yours. If you want to go the extra mile, you could print something cute on it and throw in some really long socks for those cold nights.

And for guys, the ol’ T-shirt, underwear socks combo never goes wrong. The trick is to buy good quality. Shorts are also an option esp those he can wear casually like sweatpants maybe.


Both parties can have this as well. For guys, they seem to love these tribal bracelets and for girls, a simple necklace never goes wrong, it doesn’t have to be diamond encrusted with the blood of a dragon. Simple and cute is the trick. If you’re unsure take a trusting female friend along.



You could buy him something he has that’s now old, worn or just ugly. If his toiletries are finished, you could buy him a fresh batch of his exact taste ( don’t go picking out vanilla coconut combos). Even his phone case, a journal (if he’s into that kind of stuff). Or just treat him to a good massage and take care of him for the evening (goes both ways).

In the end, how much thought and personality is what matters the most and the celebration of love the reason. Have an awesome valentine!




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