Valentine’s Day: Old School Sweet Love

I didn’t know what to post today but I definitely knew that I wanted to and then yesterday, I attended a valentine’s dinner/get together party held in church. Don’t worry it was anything but boring. I sat among couples who had been married for nothing less than 30 years and it was a fascinating thing to watch. They came out, sang songs, told stories of how they met and got married and most importantly how they managed to stay married for so long. It was an interesting evening needless to say, the party closed by 11:30 pm and I didn’t even realize it. Let me share some of their stories with you.

The first couple had been married for 50 years. The wife was speaking and she said when she met her husband, she didn’t like him. He would always spy on her whenever she came to clean the church. One day, while she was sweeping, she spotted him afar off, coming towards the church building so she quickly stooped low and crawled from where she was, under a bench and lay still. She said she waited and waited till she was sure he’d gone, then she stood up closed all the church windows and as she was about to close the door, there he was, hiding behind it. She was so startled that she almost hit him out of reflex. Well, he kept chasing her till they ended up together. You should have seen their faces beaming with smiles as they talked.

Couple number two were the most fascinating to me. 55 years of marriage, not long after high school and she said ( the wives were always talking), the first day he met her, he just walked straight up to her and whispered in her ear “You’re beautiful”. She ran away, went straight to her friends and told them what he said, they told her to ignore him but my best guess was she obviously didn’t because they ended up together.

Couples 3 and 4 met at the Carnival and a youth meeting respectively. The carnival couple had a hilarious story. The husband apparently was in a band, one of the people dancing on the street. Now, this island has a lot of hills, and there was a particular hill no one in the band wanted to climb. The band members all had assigned stations and routes to follow. Spotting his future wife standing with her friends in the crowd, he begged the band leader to let him join the hill procession. He said he had to literally work for his wife because by the time he had climbed up the hill just to talk to her, he was out of breath and she was nowhere to be found.

Couple 4 said she met her mother in law before she met her husband, at a prayer meeting. Later, when she met her husband, at a similar meeting and then discovered who his mother was, she was shocked and his mother was furious. She said the lady was a distraction and complained about her all the time. Little did they know she secretly wanted her son to become a priest. She said on the night of their engagement, he ordered a glass of wine and had them put he ring in it. As she nearly choked on her diamond, she lowered her eyes to find him kneeling, asking her to marry him. Isn’t that sweet? A near-death experience just before you marry the love of your life.

The remaining couples didn’t talk, they just danced and sang to each with goo goo eyes. It was so weird and so sweet as the same time, mostly because I come from a very modest background where parents don’t show affection. One woman gave a very solid advice, sh said ” The best way to settle a quarrel with your husband is to bathe with him, once he enters the shower, barge in and bathe with him”. I guess that’s one I’d have to remember.

Sitting behind this screen, looking at our generation where love is defined by couple goals, like and hashtags, I once heard of a girl who said no to a guy’s proposal just because they wouldn’t have a nice wedding hashtag. It’s good to see and be reminded of that old school sweet love, so innocent, yet so strong, lasting forever, not because it’s easy but just because it chooses to.pexels-photo-256709

Happy Valentine’s Day to you all.


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