Things Every Student Should Make Time For

I know the title reads “Student” but it really should read “Everyone”. Once again, these things are quite obvious but with the stress that this era brings, we might as well remind ourselves that we need to breathe every once in a while. With college comes a lot of responsibility, so it is only right to keep our priorities in check. Here they are:


Can I stress this enough? NO. Most students get less than 4 hours of sleep per day, which is unhealthy. It is not enough. Wait let me capitalize that NOT ENOUGH! Please learn to take care of your body, and sleep is extremely important. Maybe during exam periods, you could get a little sleep deprived, otherwise you should be sleeping normally. If possible, have a sleep cycle/schedule.


Okay, maybe this one might require more than the usual amount of effort but once you can do it for 21 days without quitting, you’re good to go. A 30 minute cardio, run, even if it’s in your house. Squat for those buns, Sit ups and some push ups, your 50-year-old body will thank you later.


Students are the kings and queens of unhealthy. The usual @I don’t have time to cook”. Please make sure you have time to cook. IF you have time for YouTube videos, you have time o cook and Ramen doesn’t count. Junk, junk, junk will have you dying before you finish school. Shout-out to Medical students everywhere. Cut down on the alcohol too. I know you think you’re invincible but like my Pathology teacher says, you’ll just fall down and die one day, of HOCM (look that up), just kidding… it has nothing to do with this


You probably hate that word by now, but it is true. Don’t become that person that plans too much and can’t fit anyone or anything impromptu into their “schedule”, but planning helps especially with school work and staying on top of your health. Probably on the weekends, you could check to see how your school work is going, how much you’ve done and what’s left. Maybe if you’re feeling adventurous, you could meal prep for the week.


In college, mostly friends, but family because many of us school far away from home and require WhatsApp calls and Skype videos to keep in touch. Don’t call only when you’ve run out of funds. As for friends, plan get-togethers, I personally hang out with my friends at lunch in school, mostly because we’re not financially buoyant enough for a lot of outings. It’s always fun to laugh, play games and tease each other. Plus it takes away from the school stress.


Alone time is so important. It’s very easy to get drained from everything that takes away your energy, even things you love. So it’s important to just have time to yourself to enable you relax and unwind without the outside disturbance. Sit, meditate, pray and enjoy things you like in your own company


You didn’t think I’d leave this out, did you? Well, the sole purpose of being in school is school work and probably getting out. I know I’d love to get out soon. So while making time for everything listed above, do not forget school work. Time flies when you’re having fun and you have more fun especially the guilt-free kind when you’re done with all you responsibilities. Always stay on top of school work even if it seems impossible. Your grades will be more bearable to look at.

If there’s anything I missed, please feel free to leave them in the comment section. Have a good one lovelies!


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