Observership Diaries: Day Two

Afternoon shift. I woke up by 5am and was about to panic when I remembered, Afternoon. I couldn’t hide my joy as I dived my blanket and slept for another three hours. After laying about for another two hours, it was 10am. I made breakfast watched a movie and just like yesterday, I didn’t pick an outfit. I was having a second meal when I realized it was 1:15pm and I was due for 2pm. I started my fast and furious emergency preparation procedure. In fifteen minutes, I already had my bath, brushed my teeth and subdued my hair. Five minutes more and I was out of the house but I was hungry. Not wanting to faint and be rushed to the Emergency Room, which would be a short trip, I stopped by at school for lunch. Fries and chicken and five minutes before I was late, I boarded  a van which pulled up just as I left the school premises. Happy that I would make it, I ended up being 15 minutes late. I sprinted across the hospital corridors and prayed that I didn’t slip and fall and voila my second day began.

It was afternoon and most surgeries had been done, my counterpart for the morning shift said there was a D&C and an amputation  which I would have loved to watch, and a couple other surgeries. His reports were confirmed as the ICU was packed compared to yesterday’s number which was just two. I finally met my preceptor, and she told me there were no surgeries sadly so we just ran rounds in the ICU. The only thing I got to watch was an extubation. I struggled to keep a straight face while they suctioned the blood and secretions from the patient’s mouth. All the ethics I’d been taught, this was the time to show it. Luckily it was over but not before I knew it. Every second was really slow. I turned to the patient ont he opposite bed,peering into the machine to see what was going on, only to realize the patient was dead. I’d seen her yesterday, sleeping and doing fine and now she was gone.

Apparently, she had complications this morning and had passed on. I had to physically hold back the tears. I didn’t know her but I watched them intubate her. Life is indeed unpredictable. I just said a short prayer in my mind and turned back to face my bed. I was so sad afterwards, well until my preceptor started teaching me the substances they use in the theatre. Midazolam, Succinylcholine, Fentanyl and Morphine later, I was already dozing and was gradually developing a headache. Luckily after 30 minutes of explaining side effects like amnesia and paralysis, she decided I was done fo the day. I sped out of the hospital and thought of home. I got home by 4pm, still tired but grateful. Today, the third day is a morning shift and it’s almost 6:30 am. I’ll go now. Hopefully there’ll be a  lot less sad. Oh I saw all the patients from yesterday’s surgery, all stable and well. Some were even awake. Let’s see how today goes. Have a beautiful day!

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