Observership Diaries: Day Three

Day Three. Morning Shift. Yesterday was the coolest day yet. It’s like  everything interesting happens in the morning. I got in 10 minutes late and once again i scurried through the hallway. I came with my friend and classmate who is in pediatrics, she told me there would be Caesarean Sections today, three of them and I was beaming with excitement. I went inside the surgery department and changed in to my scrubs and ran straight to the theatre.

A surgery had already started, it was a hysterectomy ( they were removing a woman’s uterus, well some part due to some fibroid that had also caused urine retention), they were halfway through but I wasn’t interested. I went to the next theatre and someone was waiting for an eye operation and the last theatre had a 6-year-old who was treated for keloids, so she was given steroid injections. Dissapointed, I went to look for my preceptor, who I met smiling, so we went to the ICU and did some checking up and rounds. Then I heard the better news, the CS was for 9 AM. My heart was leaping side, I couldn’t wait for 9am. By 9:30am, they finally had the first woman all prepped up and sedated ( which I helped ) and then I went to the front of the theatre to see the action.

So basically, they cut open the woman’s lower abdomen, just below the navel, called a Pfannenstiel incision, then they keep cutting because there are layers until they get to where the baby is, then they use a Doyen retractor, a spoon-looking thingy, to open up the incision nd hold it in place, they pop the amniotic sac(water bag), suction it and then a surgeon pushes for the mother by literally pushes while the other tries to bring the baby’s head out. A little push here and there and the baby is out and crying. A standby nurse takes the baby to another, gets the baby cleaned up, makes him pee and cry some more, then takes him to the maternity ward while they finish up the surgery on the mom, Placenta birth and stitching. I watched this twice in a row and didn’t get bored.

The mothers usually wake up 15-20 minutes after the operation, hopefully stable, all things being equal. It was beautiful to watch. Two babies, one boy and one girl, 9:49 AM and 11:46 AM, 1st of March, 2017. There was also a circumcision for a 7-year-old and an eye operation but I didn’t even remember to watch because I was blushing from the birth.

I also got to watch them place a central line on a patient and my God it looked painful. Thankfully, it was over and she was put to sleep. With that, my shift had ended and I was on my way home, another day, another life saved. Today, I have morning shift and I’ll soon leave, stay tuned for more.

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