Observership Diaries: Day Five

Last Day. I suck at goodbyes. Yet, I was eager to get there and I was praying not to be disappointed as it was an afternoon shift. Deep down, I knew it wasn’t about just me anymore, it never was. I was excited to see what the day would bring even though it would be my last time there. On the bus ride there I was lost in thought but still completely aware of my surroundings. The bus was playing music at deafening levels and I noticed that the woman sitting next to me kept bopping her head in tune.

I smiled on the inside, I wasn’t a fan of Soca music so I just sat still but you gotta admit, they’ve got some catchy beats. Then a pick-up van overtook ours, there was a boy, no more than 13 yrs old sitting in the back, he’d probably jumped in when the van slowed down. He looked quite tired and dusty, he had his hands on his cheek in that thinking pose, as his van took up the space in front of ours he turned sharply o hearing the music and with all the energy in the universe, he started shaking to the beat of the music, he even had a smile on his face. It was amazing to watch. I smiled and wondered how little things change our mood.


By then we’d gotten to the last busstop. I alighted the bus and began my 5 min walk to the hospital. I was walking quickly and I got to the hospital, all scrubbed in by 1:55 PM. I felt so proud and I started looking for my preceptor. Five minutes in I couldn’t find her, I started roaming about. I felt like a child who’d lost her mother in a crowd. i wanted to start crying because I felt so lonely. I started walking towards the staff lounge when I raised my head and saw her coming. i had to physically restrain myself from running to hug. i was grinning ear to ear when I greeted her, then she gestured that she’d meet me in a few minutes.


Fast forward, I was in the theatre with her again as we prepped for a left inguinal hernia surgery. The patient was awake and she showed me again all the procedures I’d been thought from day one. Sedating, Relaxing and intubating the patient. She then explained the complications one would encounter as she showed me alternative method of ventilation using a laryngeal mask. It was quite interesting.

I spent the next one and half hour watching the hernial repair and then the next patient came in. She also had a hernia, but hers was suprainguinal. She was quite young and awake too, we even had a little conversation before she was sedated. They started her surgery, the surgeon was teaching a student how to do the surgery and she was basically following his every instruction to carry it out, so it was quite slow. Luckily, because I was standing near the anaesthesia machine at the head of the patient, I got to see everything up close. Another few hours of standing and I was ready to go home.


To say goodbye, I took some pictures, mostly with machines and then one of my preceptor, though afar off. I was too scared to ask her for a picture plus my phone is not the best in the market. A few snaps and I was on my way. Due to traffic from closing offices, it took almost an hour to get a bus and arrive home. TIred as usual, I dropped on the bed, my feet sore, looking at the ceiling, I thanked God for a wonderful week. Next week. I’ll be in Family Medicine.


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