Life Simplified

I’m not a crazy fan of lists but this list right here for me, is life, simplified.

Here it goes:

  • The most destructive feeling             –  Worry

  • The greatest joy                                      – Giving

  • The greatest loss                                    – Self Respect

  • The most satisfying work                   – Helping Others

  • The ugliest personality trait              – Selfishness

  • The most endangered species           – Dedicated leaders

  • Our greatest resource                          – The youth and the elderly

  • The greatest “shot in the arm”          – Encouragement

  • The greatest problem to overcome – Fear

  • The most effective sleeping pill        – Peace of mind

  • The most crippling failure disease  – Excuses

  • The most powerful force                     – Love

  • The worst thing to give up                  – Hope

  • The deadliest weapon                           – The tongue

  • The two most powerful words          – I can

  • The greatest asset                                  – Faith

  • The most worthless emotion             – Self pity

  • The most beautiful attire                    – A smile

  • The most prized possession               – Integrity

  • The most powerful communication- Prayer

  • The most contagious spirit                 – Enthusiasm

  • The best teacher                                     –  Experience


Like and Share with a friend if you liked this list or if you agree. I hope this inspired you.


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