International Women’s Day Tribute

Today is international women’s day as we all know by now. So many articles of female achievements and hard work that has shaped the existence of the 21st century woman. Women have fought tirelessly and paid in blood and sweat for us to have the voice we have today. For that, I will forever be grateful. I have never been the strongest person I know but I rise to the occasion when necessary. I’ve loved being female and I always will.

Today, I want to speak about a woman who has had the most effect on my life. She’s affected me directly and personally. She’s my mum. It’s been almost three years since I left home and saw her face last. Today is dedicated to her, because without her, I wouldn’t be here to know that other women did amazing things to make a female’s life. I know that’s what mother’s day is for but I kept thinking of her today. She had me at a point in her life when it was not the easiest. She never complained, she never grumbled, she raised me through the most difficult times even when I was absolutely ungrateful because I mean what are children for?

She gave up so many opportunities for me, because I would have to suffer especially academically. I remember one job she got that was very far from home and would require her leaving very early and coming back late. She turned it down, even when her family members said she was being unreasonable. Her reason was that the area was rural and had no good schools which I would be attending since she would have to move there completely as the transport fare was expensive.

A lot has happened between my childhood and adult years. I’ve seen her make selfless decisions not just for me but for the people in her life that she’s come across. She’s always like a mother to people around her even when she doesn’t have to and the people in question don’t deserve. She fights for the rights of others and she’s strong even when she doesn’t have to. I just wanted to say I love her. With all her strictness and rules, I know she  did it because she loves me. I am the woman I am, because of her. I pray she lives long enough to see the fruits of her labour.

Here’s to supporting and empowering each other

Happy International Women’s Day. May we become the women we look up to.


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