Why You Should Feel More Confident.

Confidence is such an important trait to possess. With confidence comes high self-esteem which can carry you a long way. Even though we wake up every morning and look like we can conquer the world , most of us feel shy and timid and require coffe and pep talks to get us through the day and when we are then required to step up boldly, even though we try, sometimes we fail.

The quickest resort is to think about all our strengths and all the things we can do quite well and stick to them. It is easy to be confident when you’re required to do things you’re probably an expert at doing. A basketball player will almost always be in the mood to play basketball but once you hand him a tennis racket, his confidence might shrink to the size of a mouse. Why? Because he feels out of his comfort zone and is in danger of looking foolish. We dread looking foolish in front of people because society does not allow for mistakes and shortcomings. We always want to look smart, sound intelligent and have the answers to every question thrown at us. Unfortunately, nobody can be that perfect.

As a child, the only reason we could learn was because we were not afraid or shy. There was no fear of failure. As a matter of fact, looking clumsy was part of the requirements and that was the same reason why we could try new things over and over again. Something to remember is that we are all in fact timid, shy, faulty, clumsy and have irrational fears. A huge wrestler may be scared of a cockroach but that does not make him less of a man. He’s just a man who has katsaridaphobia. All you need is the right circumstance and we’re all on the same level. So why should you feel more confident all the time?

You should because anything otherwise would cause you to miss out on the world at large. You might want to sing, or draw, or say your written words on a stage but you don’t feel confident enough to do it. Understand that everyone makes mistakes and not everyone got it on their first try. You don’t want to miss out on love because you were not brave enough to speak up. Sometimes being confident entails knowing that what and who you are is good enough for whatever reason you may need it for and only by trying and growing can you get better at what you’d like to do. I toyed with the idea of a blog for so long but never did it because I felt like there was not much I could tell anyone about anything because my life was in chaos, so who was I to offer help. Till now, I still hide that I have a blog from a couple of friends because I didn’t think it was good enough for it to be presented but I’ve started telling them one by one and a couple of them actually like the articles. Of course, not all of them love it but they appreciated the fact that I put in my work and time into it.

There’s a saying that you should start before you’re ready and  you should say yes to a job you have no clue about, then go home and learn it. To do so would require confidence in yourself that you can pull through. You must trust your abilities, that in a world of 7 billion people where  there are others that can offer the same thing as you, only you can do it the way you do.


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    1. Nah.. by no means. But my guess is you were referring to the image I used. I got it off the internet. Lol, I’m not even that skin color. But my guess would be yes, she probably is, whoever she is.

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  1. The article touches on a complex and interesting topic. Indeed we all have uncertainty about some issues. And sometimes it takes a lot of effort to defeat this uncertainty.


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