Lessons Learned: Hidden Figures


Two hours and eight minutes of screen time on a Friday afternoon, absent from school because exams were cancelled. What a way to start the week. I’m quite late to this train, this movie has been release for quite a while and I’d heard it was quite one, being a top grossing movie for two weeks in a row, if my sources are correct. Even though, I don’t like general public recommendations when it comes to movies, i always watch just to clear the doubt and I am proud to say it was a job well done.

I mean, a story of three black women in NASA trying to find a way to achieve their dreams despite obvious obstacles in their path. What’s not to learn from them. Aside the emotions that come with watching this movie, there are lessons you can take home and apply to your life once the excitement of theatre wears off. Here are a few:

LEADERSHIP: As a leader, you’re to bring out the best in the people you lead and direct, no matter who they are and irrespective of their background, you should respect each individual as they come to you and only try to make them better persons/followers than they were. As the saying goes, A group is only as strong as its weakest link.

FRIENDSHIP: Katherine, Dorothy and Mary were good friends to each other and when Katherine and Mary needed a little push to get to where they should be, Dorothy was there to do just that. I really admired Dorothy for the role she played both in the workplace and at home.

PERSEVERANCE: The determination Mary possessed in her heart is one to be admired. I have to say from the start she was a feisty one but some tough people crack under pressure. Even when her husband, doubted her at first because he didn’t want her to get hurt, she knew what she wanted and went after it even though the odds were not in her favour. At her court case, she demonstrated wisdom. She did her homework right and used an excellent strategy to get what she wanted.

BOLDNESS: At some pint, you have to fight for what is right and what you want. Katherine was patient and quiet, despite all that went on in the office. Going to a faraway bathroom and providing solutions to problems that she was not given variables for. When she had proven her worth in the office and still wasn’t being heard, she had to speak up and thank God she did. Else, she would probably have been fired for incompetence.

TEAMWORK: Dorothy took out the time to gain knowledge concerning the IBM and wasted no time teaching the program to her fellow computers which in the end saved them all their jobs. She could have easily learnt it and the rest of the team would have been laid off but she foughT for them even when she wasn’t paid for the role of  a supervisor that she assumed. You should always look out for your colleagues.

SECOND CHANCES: Jim, the guy who Katherine married, made a very bad first impression on Katherine when they first met. Even though he apologised on the spot, it seemed insincere and she walked away but he didn’t give up and kept trying. She saw his sincerity and gave him a second chance which resulted in their marriage. If someone is genuine and sincere, it never hurts to give a second chance.

CHANGE: Change is the only thing that is constant. Things, people and time is constantly changing. The mindset of the period the movie was one with a lot of close mindedness and it paved way for the change that was to come. It’s always good to keep an open mind and look out for faults or weaknesses in already existing systems to facilitate change that helps us become a better  individuals.

I hope you liked readiing. Please share and if you haven’t watched the movie, I’d definitely recommend it. No article can spoil this movie. It’s one to be seen.

Disclaimer: Featured image source here. Property of FOX


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