An Apology to My Creativity

This month I was lazy. This month, I played a gamble. This month I lost.

I got really lazy this month and felt like it was a good idea to stop writing. I felt lazy all the time. Morning, afternoon and night, I found a new excuse to give. By March 20th, I told myself that I wanted to see if people would come here whether or not I posted. Sadly they did come. How silly of me.

I spent hours and hours scrolling through feeds of other people’s content, refusing to create mine. I apologize. To the audience that came back. To the readers that have messaged me at some point to tell me how they loved an article I wrote. I got carried away, looking for new ways to increase my finances. I lost sight of what was important.

Even though, I had written about how I was never going to let it happen in this article. I apologize to my unused creativity. I promise never to abuse the gift that was given to me.

Although my reasons for trying to increase my financial standing was to help the growth of this blog, I still lost track. Nothing is worth sacrificing the vision for. Sometimes, slow and steady is always better.

I’m back and I’m better. I’m here for the long run. I hope you stick around on this ride to see how far it takes all of us. Most of all, I hope it blesses you as much as it blesses me.

If you want to read about the last time I lost track, here’s the article


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