Hold On To Your Emotions

People often say emotions are weak and crying is for girls. I beg to differ. If crying was for girls only, then guys won’t be born with tear ducts. Emotions are an important part of your existence. They help you express yourself when words can’t. The facial expression, the body language and every grunt used to convey how we feel is as important as the words we speak.

A common occurrence is to see women who have become successful become less emotional and more logical. This is mostly because the industry makes them ‘toughen up’. I think emotions are important. While talking about feelings might always be a girl thing, being completely emotionless is not a human thing. It’s what we build robots for. Even then, we still try to incorporate feelings into them.

Logic cannot solve every issue. On paper and in theory, it could but real life demands real people. People like when others can connect with them and share their pain. Rather than suppress emotions, it’s always better to express them. Whether good or bad, every emotion can be expressed safely or channeled into something more productive. It is often said that emotions were born out of a need to survive. It was like our bodies’ way of rewarding and punishing us for anything we do.

Emotions play other roles in our lives. They:

  • help motivate us when we feel down.
  • help us communicate with others.
  • help others understand us.
  • help us understand others.
  • help us in decision making

Understanding your emotions is a really big part of understanding who you are. It is better to understand the emotions you feel, the triggers and the best ways to handle them. In doing so, you embrace your whole self.

Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Add a touch of humanity to everything you do. You’ll be grateful for the results you’ll achieve. Be free. Express yourself in healthy ways. You’ll feel much lighter and you’ll be healthier.




2 thoughts on “Hold On To Your Emotions

  1. Amazing posts . And I agree 100% . We’re humans and we’re going to be emotional and it’s okay to be emotional it doesn’t matter if we’re a man or a woman cause it’s never a great feeling to hold everything in and not let what you’re feeling out. However, I can say is never let your emotions get the best of you because at times I can be angry at something and make wrong decisions or going in the wrong direction but, I agree it’s okay to be emotional and have emotions … well written post 👌🏾

    Much love,
    Stacey ❤️


    1. Thank you Stacey. I had to write this post because I was taught to hold too many feelings inside. I realized it was better to express them but in the right way.

      Thanks so much for stopping by. 🙂


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