The Pressure To Change

Do you know how we get fuels and precious stones from the earth? I’m sure you probably do. The summary is that when heat, pressure and a little pixie dust combine, it forms new materials that we harness and use. Depending on the conditions, we could get anything from coal to diamond. Where am I headed? Pressure. The importance of pressure. You see heat is a simple guy, it basically has two extremes. It burns or cools (freezes) you. Pressure on the other hand is more dynamic.

One of the first few quotes I caught up with in high school was:

Change is the only constant thing.

As a student who loved literature, I felt like this was the coolest quote ever. It was witty and like a mind-blowing play on words. Which brings me to a thought I’ve had all day.

Do you have to change EVERYTHING to get what you want?

If you haven’t caught on by now, I’m a very ‘feeling’ person. I love people and I care very much. I believe we are unique individuals and we’re the only ones that can do something a certain way. However, in a society that is annoyingly dynamic (not in a good way), do you have to constantly change who you are to get where you want to?


Take for instance today I was having a discussion about personality types which I’ve found myself doing more often. Each one has strengths, weaknesses and careers that suit them. What then happens when you want to be successful in a path that your personality type doesn’t exactly flourish in? My take was that if you work on yourself, to strengthen your weaknesses, you could make everything work for you. The other take was that you have to restructure your mindset till you become the personality type of the ‘more’ successful people.

Maybe I’m not being a very logical person right now but drastic changes in personality type can affect every relationship you have. It might mean re-shuffling everyone in your life. A small price to pay for success. At least that’s what a logical person would say.

There’s so much pressure to be something which seems better off than who you are. I don’t even know why this is a thing. Why can’t we improve our character to work for us. There’s no fixing of broken things, it’s always ‘get a new one’. I’m not sure where this is headed. I do promise to get back on track tomorrow. I just needed to drop this as food for thought.

Unless you’re a completely horrible person, do you believe you have to change everything you believe in to fit what you want to achieve, whether or not you find it comfortable? Typing this makes me hope someone is not going to just miss the point. Because here it is ——–> .

People always tell me to be more ‘logical’ or be less ‘feeling’. I’m not sure how I’m supposed to do that exactly. It doesn’t feel natural to me. I mean I’ve improved in most areas of my life over the years and learnt how to tone down certain traits in certain situations. For example, crying when someone is rescued from a drowning accident, instead of resuscitation is probably useless. Even though that’s what some people might do. I don’t want to fit a mold. I just want to be able to fill the need I was brought here to. Change and growth is important but never lose yourself in doing so.

If we were all doctors, we’d have no chairs. Everyone is important.

You are rare and precious. Never forget that.


4 thoughts on “The Pressure To Change

  1. Wow, so true. I also think a lot of people fall into this trap by having an idea of who they’re supposed to be because of what they are doing. We see it most on social media. It changes people, popularity or recognition or whatever comes from your influence. I think it’s important to stay true to yourself even when your influence grows.. and I wish more people would do it. Very good post girl!

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  2. true. you dont have to loose yourself to be what people want you to be or make an influence. after all, if there was no need for variety all fruits will be apples 🙂 great blog


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