Be A Little Rainbow and Sunshine

I think I missed the sun a little too much. I spread my clothes outside and it’s been three days since it started raining on and off. I woke up today and  met the warm light from the sun peeping through my window. I’m so grateful for it. I don’t know if it will last but I’ll take anything at this point.

Because I’m this excited, I thought to write about a few ways you could be a rainbow and sunshine to someone today. Here we go:

  1. DON’T JUDGE: Before you leap for joy because you can do the wrong thing and thing and hide behind these two words, let me explain what ‘judging means.
    It means forming an opinion or criticizing something.  Saying you shouldn’t judge at all is an almost impossible task but what you shouldn’t do, is judge before knowing the facts.

    I mean it’s easy right? Even a JUDGE waits for the defense to present their arguments and both sides go head to head before he draws a verdict. So basically, don’t be judge, jury and court. No one should have that much power. Give people time to redeem themselves. If you have to point out a flaw, do it with love. If possible, in private. If they don’t accept it, at least you did your part.

  2. LISTEN: to understand. Listen for the sake of listening. Don’t always listen to reply. Sometimes, people are not looking for solutions to their problems, but just a listening ear. It’s not because they’re whiny or cry babies but sometimes hearing yourself talk about stuff clears your head way faster. Even for proofreading articles, reading aloud always works. In your free time, be a listening ear to someone who needs it.
  3. GIVE MORE THAN YOU RECEIVE: When you say ‘give’ people think clothes and money or maybe foodstuffs. There are so many other things you could give. You could give your time, your word, your recommendation, your support, your signature, your approval. It’s so many little things you may not be consciously aware of. I love those moments when someone tell me that a joke I made or  something I said was really helpful to them Best moments ever. So find more ways to give and it will definitely come back to you.
  4. COMPLIMENT: But only sincerely. A sincere compliment is better than mere flattery. Actually, most people can see right through your fakery. They may decide whether or whether not to point it out, so you may lose your credibility. However, a sincere compliment can brighten a person’s day and cause them to let down their guard. I used to complain that girls were mean but I was no different.

    One day, I was sitting with a guy friend of mine and a girl walked by. I turned and I was like; OMG she’s so beautiful. He asked me to tell her but I refused, so he stood up and brought her to me. He told me to tell her what I just said, and I did out of embarrassment. She smiled and even though we never became BFFs, I’m sure it brightened her day. Since then, I knew the value of a compliment.

  5. APOLOGIZE: For your wrongdoing and try to make it up by being a better person. It’s as simple as that. Acknowledge your wrong doings. It takes a strong person to do so.
  6. RESPECT: I feel like society today has thrown respect out the window and replaced it with ‘speaking your mind’. I have a special place in my heart for people who know how to express themselves, give opinions and speak their mind without trying to insult or be-little the other person. Your ability to show respect should be irrespective of the person’s behaviour.
  7. APPRECIATE: Appreciate the little things people go out of their way to do for you. Appreciate those who are loyal and do not screw you over. Learn to thank those who work for and with you. In your relationship, thank your partner for the love they show to you. If  you have someone who is good to you, your appreciation goes a longer way than your words ever will.


Today is such a beautiful day and I hope, you can make someone’s day brighter.

Happy Thursday!

2 thoughts on “Be A Little Rainbow and Sunshine

  1. As a matter of fact I do not like to be with people who think they must ALWAYS speak their minds, in most cases, your thoughts should always remain thoughts, you don’t always have to say them especially when they’ll hurt others in an unacceptable way.
    How you say is always as important as what you say, in some cases, even more.

    I put some clothes out since last saturday, they’re still outside since then and tomorrow is another saturday…. these rains!!!


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